Figueroa Mountain Road

California Poppies - Santa Ynez Valley

Spring has sprung in the Santa Ynez Valley. If you enjoy wildflowers the trek up Figueroa Mountain Road is well worth the trip for outstanding views and an abundance of California Poppies and Lupine. Be forewarned, the drive can be steep and windy and you should plan on at least a couple of hours for the trip.

To get there….You can begin your journey in Los Olivos, coffee and a bagel at Corner House Coffee would be my choice! Or pick up sammies, chips and drinks at Panino and plan on a picnic. Head north on Grand Avenue and cross over Highway 154 and you are on Figueroa Mountian Road. About 5 miles up the road you’ll find Neverland Ranch on your left – you know, the old Michael Jackson place. (Note, the sign for litter removal on Highway 154 for MJ Ranch has nothing to do with Michael Jackson!) After this, the road begins to narrow and climb up the mountain. To get all the way to the top you are looking at about 15 miles. If you are extra adventurous, rather than turning around and coming back the way you came, you can make a loop and exit out of the forest via Happy Canyon Road. The entire loop is about 42 miles and a large section within the forest is on unpaved road so travel at your own risk as road conditions will vary with weather.

What’s cool about it?
Outstanding views, beautiful flowers in the spring, hiking!


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