Longhorn Coffee Shop

Longhorn Coffee Shop - Santa Ynez, CA

The local hang out for breakfast in Santa Ynez is definitely the Longhorn Coffee Shop on Sagunto Street. Serving up breakfast and lunch daily for nearly 40 years, I think it is safe to characterize this place as one of the best greasy spoon in Southern California. Have a seat at the counter and take in the show, pancake flipping, eggs cooking, frying up breakfast meats…If you find the stools at the counter to be too short, and they are short, help yourself to a table. In fact, feel free to share the big table with some of the locals. Kelli would have insisted on it if the place was busy and the seats were available.

Speaking of Kelli, for me, she was the heart and soul of the Longhorn. Way back, when it was run by a couple named Peg and Bud Beaulieu, Kelli Moniot was a young waitress at the Longhorn. Eventually, Kelli bought the coffee shop and ran the place with grouchy efficiency and everyone loved her. She opened early, 4:30 am kind of early, so the local ranchers would have a place to get their morning coffee. She had a love for animals and always had bowls of food and water out front for the homeless cats. Sadly, Kelli passed away a few years ago but her spirit still lives on behind the old wooden Western facade and her husband Mike has kept the Longhorn going ever since. If you stop on by, you’ll see the kitty bowls are still out front. Inside you’ll find photos of Kelli on the walls along with local celebs, John  Wayne memorabilia, Western art and a hearty hot meal.

What’s cool about it?
True local flavor, family atmosphere!
  • Address: 3687 Sagunto Street, Santa Ynez, CA 93460
  • Phone: 805.688.5912
  • Hours: Daily for Breakfast and Lunch from early morning to 1:30 pm
  • Getting there: Google Map to the Longhorn Coffee Shop


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