Nojoqui Falls

Nojoqui Falls - Gaviota, California

Hidden at the back of a box canyon near the Gaviota Pass are the impressive 160 foot Nojoqui Falls. Pronounced NAH-ho-wee, the word is of Chumash origin and means honeymoon place. Water spills over these falls year round but if you can catch the falls after a recent rain the waterfall is spectacular.

Getting to the falls is an easy a journey. The park is just 1.8 miles east of  Highway 101, drive to the back parking lot and from there it is just a short 10 minute walk to the falls. The maintained dirt pathway has a couple of bridge crossings and two short rock stairways. The walk is an easy one but as you get closer to the falls it may be slippery so watch your step. Please follow the signs and not venture from the pathway. Not only is it dangerous but there is a large overgrowth of poison oak and the falls are not on park property but rather leased from a neighboring rancher.

If you’d like a more scenic tour, travel to the falls out of Solvang via Alisal Road. This windy country road brings you past the 10,000 acre Alisal Guest Ranch and golf course after which you begin a steady uphill climb beneath old Califonia Oaks. As you near the park the landscape opens up to a beautiful view of rolling hills dotted with grazing cattle. The one way 6.5 mile trip makes for a perfect afternoon bike ride and a great destination for a picnic lunch.

What’s cool about it?
Beautiful scenery that is easily accessible! Dog friendly!
  • Address: Nojoqui Falls County Park, 1.8 miles east of Highway 101 near Gaviota Pass
  • Phone: 805.934.6211 (for reserving park areas)
  • Hours: 8:00 am to Sunset
  • Getting there: Google Map to Nojoqui Falls County Park


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